We exist to connect children birth through 6th grade with Jesus and others so they can take their next step of life-transforming grace.

We do not believe that kid’s ministry exists so that adults can attend church. Rather, we believe that children begin their faith journey as young worshippers. Our kid’s ministry exists to connect children with Jesus and others so they can take their next step of life-transforming grace. Part of this means that we are committed to offering CARE (connection, assistance, resources and equipping) to primary influencers as they navigate how to connect with their children and help them know Jesus.

As a children’s ministry, we do not exist as an isolated group within our church. We join into the mission of Fremont Nazarene Church, our denomination, and God’s overall mission for our world. We believe that parents/guardians are children’s primary influencers. 

At FCN, we share the same mission across all of our age levels, including nursery, early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school and beyond. We are speaking value and truth into all the children and youth, as well as all others who influence them in our congregation. We are also equipping leaders both young and old to take their place in the life of the church. We believe the Church is a family working together in faith.

Kid's Worship @ 10:30AM

During our 10:30am service, we have kid’s worship happening too!
  • Nursery (Birth-age 2): 
Young worshippers will be greeted with a team of gentle and kind volunteers who look forward to engaging with your children. Our nursery is equipped with age appropriate toys, rocking chairs and supplies. Please provide your own diapers and wipes for your child.
  • Jr. Worship ( ages 2-pre K):
Our jr. worshipers are welcomed to an environment that meets their need for movement as they learn. We plan for learning, playing, singing, discovering and experiencing God’s story in multiple different ways.
  • Elementary Worship (kindergarten – sixth grade):
Our elementary worshipers will remain with their parents/caregivers through the beginning elements of worship in “big church”. After offering, elementary worshipers will be sent to their own preaching time in the ministry center. We use this time to continue connecting with Jesus and others so they can experience God’s life-transforming grace! We do this through story, worship explorations, games, small groups and new friendships.
*On the 1st and 5th Sunday’s of the month (this is subject to move around a little depending on Holidays (Easter, Christmas etc.), our elementary children will remain with us for the entirety of the service. This is on purpose. We believe it is important for our children to learn the regular rhythms of grace that the family of God participates in together. 

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

  • Elementary (kindergarten-6th grade):
We dive deep and explore the Word of God through a variety of interactive mediums. Our evenings consist of play, story, memorizing scripture, activities and building relationships with others! This year (september-may) we are studying the book of Exodus! 

Safety is important to us

We have multiple policies in place to do our due diligence to keep our children, parents and volunteers safe.

Security Team
We have a dedicated team that works together to have one security team volunteer serve each week. On Sunday mornings, the security volunteer will walk throughout the building, monitor cameras and ensure that access to our worship spaces are limited for those without children. Their purpose is to be the eyes and ears while we are participating in worship.
Wednesday night there is no security team volunteer present, however, our front doors automatically lock between check in & check out.
Each of our volunteers are required to interview with a Pastor, pass background checks, participate in ongoing training, and serve in pairs.
Each classroom is equipped with a security camera. Staff, leaders and our security team have access to these. The cameras provide an extra layer of safety precaution for our children and volunteers.
Well Child Policy
For the health and safety of all children, and volunteers and the peace of mind of our children’s parents, children that have had the following symptoms within the last 24 hours need to stay in the care of their parents:
  • A known or suspected infectious illness
  • A fever of 100.0 within the past 24 hours
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or is feeling unwell
  • Cough, sore throat, croup (except in the case of allergy)
  • Colored runny noses
  • Common Cold
  • Contagious skin rash
  • Pink eye
  • Lice
  • Impetigo (infected wounds), boils, untreated ringworms
  • Any symptom of usual childhood disease such as mumps, measles, chickenpox, etc.
  • Use of antibiotics for 24 hours or less

Check-In & Check-Out Process

Parents/caregivers are required to check-in their children at either of our electronic check-in stations (east and west end of the building) or from the KidCheck app on their own devices each time they bring their child to Fremont Nazarene Church. This helps to ensure that your child is safe and accounted for at all times. Upon checking in your child, a name tag with your child’s name, allergy information and an alphanumeric code that is unique to your family and your visit will be printed. In addition, a second tag with just the alphanumeric code. You will keep this tag for check-out.
Nursery and Early Childhood: The name tag with your child’s name will go on their shirt. Please walk them to their classroom or ask a volunteer to take them if you need help!
Elementary: The name tag with your child’s name will go into the basket on the cart so we know who is checked in. Your elementary children will then remain with you until they are sent to their own preaching time after offering. Children will line up at the back door with their teacher. The check in attendant will make sure the number of children matches the number of name tags. As they arrive in their classroom, they will receive their name tag to place on their shirt. This will help us know if there is a child that we need to locate. 
Upon check-out for all age groups, you will show the teacher your label and that teacher/volunteer will make sure your number matches that of your child before they are officially checked out.
Complete check-in/out information is available at the Check-in Stations and if you need help there will be a volunteer available to help you through the process. To further ensure your child’s safety, please alert our Check-In Station volunteer to any allergies or existing medical conditions your child may have.

We would love to hear from you!

For more information, please contact Pastor Ty (Pastor to children and families) at pastorty@fremontnazarene.org 
You can also join our NazKidz Families group located on our Fremont Nazarene Church facebook page.

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