Bring a Friend to church and invest in their steps of grace

We Saved a Seat For You edited

Fremont Nazarene isn’t just a place where we gather for church services, it’s who we are as a community as we gather and as we go. We are committed to creating environments on Sundays, and all week long at our kitchen tables, in our backyards, or our desks at work etc. where we can be in people’s corners because we want them to know that Jesus is in their corner.

As we build these relationships with people, we can talk to them about Jesus and the life-transforming grace that He offers. We can share with them how Jesus has changed our lives. 

We can invite them to church, on-site or online.

  • Greet them at the door, explain how things work, invite them along in worship and enjoy lunch together afterward.

  • Host a watch party online, greet them and follow up after the service.

  • Invite them to your home, watch online together, enjoy lunch and follow up after the service. 

We recognize that it can be awkward or difficult. It could also be the first time or the tenth time they’ve been asked. But, it could be the time that changes their life. 

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