We value relationships! Which means that we strive to do life together by engaging in meaningful relationships with others.  Our lifegroups ministry is one of the ways that we can grow closer to each other and to God.  Below are some frequently asked questions about lifegroups.  We encourage everyone to be in a lifegroup!

What are lifegroups?
A small group of people who get together to encourage one another as followers of Jesus.

What happens during lifegroups?
Groups generally follow this flow during their time together

  1. Gather around a meal/snacks
  2. Share what God is doing in their lives
  3. Read Scripture together/Discuss
  4. Pray for each other

How long will the group last?
Generally most groups will last from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.  It all depends on the group and what they decide together.

What about kids and teenagers, are their lifegroups for them?
Yes there are groups for kids and teenagers.  During the Sunday morning lifegroup hour at 9:30am we offer groups for all ages, and on Wednesday nights at 6:45pm there are groups as well.

So how can I join a group?
At the beginning of each lifegroup session we have signups.  You can also join a group even after the lifegroups begin.  If you don’t get signed up before or after one of our gatherings you can always contact the church office or talk to a pastor.  The lifegroups contact email is